Nishane B-612 Парфюм тестер 50 мл


B-612 Парфюм тестер 50 мл

Пол Женский

B-612 by Nishane is the latest of 2 new release from their new Le Petit Prince collection of fragrances which also includes Vain & Naive. The two fragrances were inspired by the famous novella Le.. B-612 is the perfume that links you directly with the mother earth. It’s one of the most fascinating fougère perfumes I tried so far, with an exquisite scent of the moss and I hope I will have it in my collection one day. It has vintage vibe, with a modern twist. Superb! Once again, Nishane showed how good can be the perfume world. Creative Directors Murat Kutran and Mert Gurzel of Nishane Photo:Lauryn. While team CaFleureBon was at Esxence 2018, one of the fragrances that impressed us was Nishane B-612, which was inspired by the iconic book written by Antoine de St. Exupery. B-612 is a thousand-layer perfume - it's earthy, aromatic, even musty and mineral. It has the smell of the cypress twig crushed between fingers, the smell of wet earthy patchouli and the smell of lavender that at times presents itself even minty. Nishane B-612. Parfüm. Das Beste von Nishane: Parfümfavoriten aus der Türkei.. B-612 ist ein neues Parfum von Nishane für Damen und Herren und erschien im Jahr 2018. Der Duft ist würzig-pudrig. Haltbarkeit und Sillage sind überdurchschnittlich. Es wird noch produziert.

Nishane - B-612 | Reviews and Rating - Nishane B-612 Парфюм тестер 50 мл

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