Kenzo Jeu dAmour Felin Туалетные духи тестер 50 мл


Jeu dAmour Felin Туалетные духи тестер 50 мл

Пол Женский

KENZO JEU D’AMOUR celebrates the idea of romantic lovers game with an ultra-feminine, sensual and captivating fragrance. The nude-colored bottle echoes the sensuality of the skin, its pure lines evoke the femininity of a dress… A joyful hymn to seduction which makes you want to play along. One of Kenzo's classic perfumes Kenzo Amour was inspiration for the seasonal Jeu d'Amour followed by Jeu D'Amour L'Elixir and this year we have the new Jeu d'Amour Felin in an exciting untamed.. Jeu d'Amour Félin ist ein Parfum von Kenzo für Damen und erschien im Jahr 2017. Der Duft ist fruchtig-blumig. Es wird von LVMH vermarktet. I love Jeu d'Amour as a fresh floral daytime scent, I like Kenzo in general so I was very curious for the Jeu d'Amour flankers. Félin is not what I expected. I don't think this belongs in a black bottle. It's not too similar to the original, but not a dark and sexy version either in my opinion.

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