Unum Symphonie-Passion Парфюм 100 мл


Symphonie-Passion Парфюм 100 мл

Пол Женский

Product Description Flower-woody parfum Top notes · Peony, Lemon Middle notes · Cashmeran, Vetiver Base notes · Agarwood, Musk, Cedar 100 ml · Parfum extract Symphonie-Passion UNUM blumig, holziger Duft... 15.000 Beauty-Produkte | Gratisproben zu jeder Bestellung | Ab 29 € versandkostenfrei in DE Symphonie Passion is surely a more urban Unum's aromatic experience. Supremely woody-cardamomish. Finally a dynamic (and more ordinary) scent from this Symphonie-Passion speaks to all times because is inherently linked to a journey,, to a staircase of stones of a bell tower that climbs circular toward an endless gallery of feelings, that poetically engrave in the wood the name of the one who plays humble, but master that moves , surprising and wondering , in which every man should find himself to be aware of what he really is. The engine.. Symphonie-Passion UNUM blumig, holziger Duft. Symphonie-Passion von UNUM - blumig, holziger Duft.  UNUM is the brain child of the multi-talented Filippo Sorcinelli, a brand of artistic perfumery, described as fragrances of art and impulse. Symphonie Passion Extrait de Parfum is crafted from intense base flavors of sandalwood, cedar and musk with core notes of cashmeran and vetiver, all combine to create a luxurious fragrance. Top – Peony..

Unum Unisexdüfte Symphonie Passion Extrait de Parfum 100.. Unum Symphonie-Passion Парфюм 100 мл

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