Nishane Hacivat Парфюм 50 мл


Hacivat Парфюм 50 мл

Пол Женский

Shop Nishane Istanbul Brown Karagoz Extrait De Parfum 50 Ml. Product in stock for 6 From Nishane Istanbul comes Hacivat. Pure enthusiasm, pressed into irresistible elegance. Why we’re addicted: It's a theatrical play. A fragrance of undeniable depth which slowly unfurls over time. Wear it and revel in the every day as you’ve never known it–the greatest diversion. If you would like this scent, you definitely will love its performance. On my skin it has heavy, borderline enormous sillage and projection for first 8 hours, moderate for another 4, and at least another 4 as skin scent. Just like the theme of these shadow plays, the main objective of NISHANE was to emphasize the contrasting interaction of the people that we can see in every single culture. HACIVAT is a tribute to elegance, competence, and love of art. Hacivat Nishane ist ein Duft Chypre Damen- und Herren Gruppe. Sie hat einen neuen Duft. Hacivat startete im Jahr 2017. Hacivat wurde von Jorge Lee, Murat Ukrstalspeczservis und Mert güzel erstellt. Shadow Play. Imaginative. Extrait de Cologne

Nishane Karagoz Extrait de Parfum 50 ml Nishane Hacivat Парфюм 50 мл

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