Puredistance Warszawa Туалетные духи 100 мл


Warszawa Туалетные духи 100 мл

Пол Женский

Persolaise.com features reviews of perfumes, interviews with fragrance industry figures and general articles related to the world of scent. The site is not affiliated in any way to any brands, wholesalers, retailers or organisations involved with the fragrance industry. Puredistance - Warszawa Ein Ausflug in die verträumte Welt der klassischen Eleganz Inspiriert von der Klasse und Eleganz polnischer Frauen und der.. While I would not call this a gardenia scent, it possesses many of the qualities I associate with the overall feeling of pressing my nose to a gardenia flower: rich, creamy, heady, dense, mature, exclusive, and characteristic of an older time. Puredistance WARSZAWA A DREAMY WORLD OF OLD-TIME CHIC Inspired by the class and elegance of Polish women and the rich history of the city of Warsaw, WARSZAWA evokes the chic of the golden days of Fashion and Perfume. MAISON FRANCIS KURKDJIAN Baccarat Rouge Body Line Olejek do ciała i mgiełka do włosów 100ml Perfume Extrait Puredistance AENOTUS € 490.00. 2 ml Perfume Extrait Puredistance Giftset - Blue Edition € 89.00. 17.5ml Perfume Extrait Puredistance 1 € 175.00

Puredistance - Warszawa | Duftbeschreibung und Bewertung Puredistance Warszawa Туалетные духи 100 мл

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