Parfums Mdci Un Coeur en Mai Туалетные духи 60 мл


Un Coeur en Mai Туалетные духи 60 мл

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гальбанума и черной смородины.Парфюм для женщин Un Coeur en Mai с зелеными и цветочными оттенками освежает и дарит прохладу тенистого сада. Мускусная база завершает изысканную мелодию ароматной композиции. В сердце благоухает букет из розы, дыни, петитгрейна,. Шедевральная композиция открывается нотами бергамота, герани и мимозы, приправленный пряными оттенками перца и кориандра. Парфюмеры использовали для своего детища только самые дорогие и натуральные компоненты

This index includes all perfume reviews posted through 27 March 2019, alphabetized by perfume house. To see more recent fragrance reviews, scroll through the articles in the Perfume Talk topic. Perfume reviews organized by Bois de Jasmin fragrance rating, 1 to 5 star system When the brand decided to up the concentration of Un Coeur en Mai, the original formula risked running afoul of ever-stricter regulations. Undaunted, Patricia de Nicolaï stepped back into the lab and came out with an even more beautiful, tender and well-balanced version. Parfums MDCI (Marchal Design & Créations Indépendantes) is a small and very chic French brand built on the philosophy that fine fragrances are an art more than an industry, and should be a source of pleasure, pride and beauty more than a simple commodity. Jeanne-Marie Faugier Vêpres Siciliennes Sicilian Vespers. A perfume which seems to have innumerable facets, a composition which turns out and unwinds, unfolds for hours and hours, revealing all its complexity and sophistication. Parfums MDCI is a perfume house for fragrance fanatics. They are making brilliantly beautiful, classically styled perfumes that smell as if they’re using the highest quality ingredients.

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