Penhaligons Castile Туалетные духи тестер 100 мл


Castile Туалетные духи тестер 100 мл

Пол Женский

очаровывающее и опьяняющее своим чувственным теплом. В основу гармонично вплетаются ноты бергамота,Универсальный освежающий аромат Penhaligons Castile, розы и апельсина, с легкостью заинтересует как женскую, созданный в 1998 году, завершает композицию идеальное сочетание мускуса и древесного мха, так и мужскую аудиторию.. Доминирующая составляющая аромата — масло нероли

Интернет-магазин Penhaligon’s (Пенхалигонс / Пенхалигон) предлагает покупку ароматов одноименного бренда с доставкой по Москве, Санкт-Петербургу и России. Fragrances for him & her are the finishing touch to judiciously chosen day or evening wear. Our collection numbers historic & brave new scents. Castile The name neroli derives from Anne Marie Orsini, Duchess of Bracciano, a princess of Nerola. She had a passion for the scent of orange blossom and used it to fragrance her bath water, gowns and gloves. Castile was a kingdom of old Spain, once the vital beating heart of the monarchy, full of fortifications built by the Spanish Christians as they clawed back Spain from the Moors in the 8th and 9th centuries. Penhaligon CASTILE opens as a citrus aromatic scent with pronounced petit grain, but shortly thereafter the castile soap facsimile takes over and persists. This soap has an alkaline edge which does not appeal to me very much. In fact, it reminds me a bit of the soap base of the Clean line, of which I'm also not very fond. Penhaligon's launched a new fragrance for men, Sartorial, in Autumn 2010. Inspiration for its creation was the Savile Row bespoke tailor Norton & Son’s workshop. Penhaligon's is a British perfume house. It was founded in the late 1860s by William Henry Penhaligon, a Cornish barber who moved to London and who became Court Barber and Perfumer to Queen Victoria.

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