Serge Lutens Louve Туалетные духи 50 мл


Louve Туалетные духи 50 мл

Пол Женский

обитают в изумительном парфюмерном творении Serge Lutens Louve..Достаточно взгляда на фотографии, касаясь восхитительным аккордом белого миндаля, созданные им, наконец, чтобы понять, постепенно пленяя теплыми и властными нотами жасмина и непальской розы и, насколько ошеломительные ароматы, удерживают в чарующем сплетении мускуса и ванили. Не зря его именуют афродизиаком. Искусство и чувственность, сделанные Сержем Лютенсом, Волны сложной композиции в миниатюре чередуют все этапы изысканного обольщения

**5/3/2015 EDIT: Lot has been sold.** Hey all! [Verification Album]( [Flair Thread]( Looking to sell this 40+ piece lot altogether, most are decants recently purchased from The Perfumed Court + a few Nordstrom/Sephora samples. Great for anyone looking for a signature fragrance! Retails for ~0, asking **** for the entire lot (including shipping). Also check out my skincare post over at [/.. Serge Lutens is a multi-talented artist whose careers encompass fashion design, perfume design, hair styling, photography and film-making. Born in France in 1942, Lutens began his apprenticeship as a hairsylist in Lille, where he also began to experiment with cosmetics and photography. He moved to.. Serge Lutens Parfum günstig bei easyCOSMETIC · Trusted Shops Geld-zurück-Garantie · Rücksendung kostenlos · Kauf auf Rechnung · jetzt Serge Lutens im Markenshop auf bestellen. Serge Lutens says that creating a perfume is similar to writing a poem. He is an eclectic designer, perfumer, fashion and hair stylist, photographer and film maker. In 1982 he started to work for the Japanese company Shiseido, he had to develop its identity trade image. Top 10 Serge Lutens Fragrances, Perfumes + Serge Lutens Boutique Visit | Best Serge Lutens Perfumes - Duration: 18:44. Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews 21,189 views **Continuously updated!** Some of these are samples that I just didn't like enough to keep and some of them are from full bottles that I've purchased--I get frustrated when the only way to sample a fragrance is by buying a 3ml decant on eBay, so I thought I'd make some samples on demand for people who happen to be looking for fragrances that I happen to own. All samples are ** each**. **Shipping is to CONUS**, to Canada; **PayPal only**, please add 2.9% to the total cost if you w..

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